The I.D. – Own Designed Love

Released October 29th on Duchamp Records

Own Designed Love is the new single from London based The ID, released on October 29th. The video synthesised various off kilter images and loops in a slightly surrealist style, an avant garde montage inspired by the work of Buneul, Dali and Cocteau, among others, all linked together by the Dadist movement that influences so much of the band’s ethos and output.
In Own Designed Love The different elements of the band are more layered, building upon one another but each its own entity, flickering and flirting together, rather than compressed in intensity as in Age Anti Age, the debut single from earlier in the year. A swelling onslaught of emotion, the song’s simmering menace is somewhat intoxicating in aura, and the perpetual build of dark melody into a hooky chorus marks the band out as master song smiths, and definite ones to watch. Conveniently, they’re playing the No.6 Basement on Oct 27th, Waiting Room on Nov.14th, and Camden’s Barfly the first day of December, so you can go and watch them!

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