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The ID – Age Anti Age

Released April 2nd on Duchamp Records

Having just had the kind of weekend that won’t see me in years to come wanting ‘to make up for the sobriety of my youth’, I can’t currently identify with the protagonist of Age Anti Age, the new single from the London based quartet The ID, but that doesn’t me loving it.
A track that quivers like a thin blade, and from its opening tremble of a chord conveys a feeling of austere agression.  Combining a tone of menace with a tinge of pity, Age Anti Age is full of delicious tension, stumbling links steadily inclining to a powerful chorus, combined with a growling bass and dark beats.
The production on the record results in the vocals sounding as though they are being enveloped in a pillow case, whereas the intensity of the rawer live delivery ensures that the whole vibe is rather less Interpol meets The Cure and completely The ID. So in summary, download today, and make sure you get to a live show soon.
Available for free download  from Duchamp Records.
and on iTunes.

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