Released January 23rd 2012, on Fierce Panda.

Reviewed by Francesca Baker

Ah, the exuberance of indie pop. Can’t keep a lid on it. Soap, the second album from The Kabeedies is a record of fizzing fun which twitches and convulses with giddiness. From opener Hangs Up Of The West with its chanting call and response, the Latin sway of Santiago to the Little Comets esque The Boy With The Bad Mouth, this is an album full of flourishes.  Drowning Doll will become an instantly recognisable live classic, trumpets and undulating twiddles relentlessly finding their way into the ear, and the almost rock riff on Bones and disco beats of lead single Eyes show that there is more to The Kabeedies than twee. They claim that this is their grown up record, having progressed from 2009 debut Rumpus, and whilst this certainly isn’t pipe and slippers stuff, there is an extra sophistication demonstrated by morose strings, galloping drums and introspective. Ultimately though, it’s still all laced with the trademark light and breezy melodies that The Kabeedies are known for, and if you fancy immersing yourself in some sugary sweetness, make sure you see them on their forthcoming tour.
If you’re London based, plan a Valentine treat and take your loved and hated ones to see them at the Camden Barfly on 15th February.
Directed by Spindle Films, this is the amazing video for Eyes, released on January 30th,

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