The Keys – Fire Inside

The press release doesn’t excite me. Sound of ‘Beatles-esque pop’. Well so has any band who ever played a G chord follow by an A. ‘Influenced by The Velvet Underground.’ You show me a band in the last couple of years who don’t have that on their CV. ‘Recorded for John Peel.’ Now don’t get me wrong, the man was a musical master, but he had his fingers in more band’s pies than Russell Brand had his in girl’s….pre Katie days, obviously. ‘High quality Welsh guitar pop.’ Oh god, Stereophonics.
But then I do what all good journalists and music fans alike should do, toss the press release into the recycling pile and put the CD on. And it’s good! Psychedelic jaunts fused with angles so sharp you could build a house with them, this diverse collection of songs that never lose their momentum. First single ‘Fire Inside’ is a giddy arsenal of classic guitar riffs, and on ‘People Meet People’ the beats are almost tectonic in the way they command your feet to stomp. The antidote to this is lazy evenings and BBQ embers conjured up on ‘Valley Sun’, and the inspiringly titled ‘I Am The Breeze.’
Weighing in at only 8 tracks, this is a flaming introduction to The Keys – one just hopes the short length isn’t because they burned out too soon.

Francesca Baker

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