The Light Streams – Lost EP

Yet another band with the name ‘Light’. Soon I feel it is to supplant Jack or Robert in the top ten. The Light Streams however stand out from the ordinary with their own idiosyncratic blend of fast paced punk and jaunty folky pop.

Recording their debut ‘The Lost EP’, with Andy Hawkins (The Pigeon Detectives, The Cribs, Kaiser Chiefs) gives you an idea of the sort of Yorkshire oomph that infuses the songs, an energy that has been apparent to festival goers this summer.
‘Caroline’ is dappled with seductive hooks and high velocity melodies of the type that on paper would be the recipe for a dog’s dinner, or McDonalds, or something, but have been expertly crafted together to taste and sound sweeeet. ‘City Walls’ is a stand out track, a sing along chorus emerging from the exhilarating swoops that kick the song off, a similar propostion to that coming from across the Pennines in the form of The Courtneers. The bohemian lilt that opens ‘Save Me Sally’ comforts and caresses before giving way to a Smashing Pumpkins-esque riff that animates the song.
Arty and experimental yet direct and danceable, The Light Streams have perfected the formula for tectonic tunes. At the moment some of the edges are still a little bristly, but give it a few months and The Light Streams are sure to be illuminating a stage near you..

Francesca Baker

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