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The Ludlow Thieves

Bear with me here. I am going to use the words ‘Americana,’ ‘Stereophonics’ and ‘good’ to describe a band. There, done. And genuinely meant. The Ludlow Thieves are comprised of an Iowa gospel guy, a classically trained musician and a Manhattan hippy it is no wonder that the music is difficult to pigeonhole but words like rustic, rootsy, dramatic, authentic, roaring and dense give you a good idea of the sound you may expect. Soaring soundscapes robust in nature but no less heartfelt for it. To Travel is a final goodbye to a loved one that tinges with both sadness and opportunity, whereas All The Money is such a quick and potent musical muse on that close to home topic of being broke, and Over Again expansive vista of a tune.  Their album is available to listen below…

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