A kaleidoscopic trippy riot of an album, Ghosts is a gliding and whirling journey through sixties melodies and nineties swagger from Italian band The Vickers.
There’s a hypnotic pulse throughout, and it feels vital. All I Need echoes with the sound BRMC would make if they took a load of ‘shrooms, whilst the spiral of descent on Hear Me Now glimmers with Revolution era stunning simplicity. Flourishes of Led Zeppelin flirt with a Kasabian bounce and a delirious almost The Coral esque spaced out vibe. A dense spectrum of shades and sounds flickers in these twisting waves, luring you in until you love from the poppy first single She’s Lost to the slow, quivering On A Rope. Senseless is a personal highlight, a gentle roll of angsty acceptance, particularly when followed by the shuffling stomp of On and On. The whole thing has a dense illusory feel, subtle quivers and colourful swoops flourishing along with a hypnotic whirl, but isn’t so complex as to be baffling, chock full of pop hooks and looping melodies.
Signed to Ireland’s Ruby Music, the Florence band (Andrea Mastropietro, Federico Sereni and Francesco Marchi – swoonsome names) aren’t well known over here (can you name any Italian bands?) but surely will be soon. Wonderful stuff.

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