Released December 3rd on Light Organ Records

The accompanying bumph bills them as ‘intelligent, leftfield melodicism.’ What Knot In My Heart sounds like is artsy angular beats fused with dramatic keys, and synth enhanced vocals singing poetic lyrics. There’s a hint of austerity in the verses, but when the balloon shaped beats of the chorus come in the feeling is one of sunshine. Suddenly, around 2 minutes in thrusting guitar slams taken straight from the best indie rock throw your arms song starts, elevating the song. Mixing three different styles, the overall effect is one of good moments, but that doesn’t really hang together enough to work as a song. 3 mins 21 is not enough time to explore complex structures spanning multiple genres. Perhaps what I’m saying is we need more of it. The palpable buzz surrounding The Zolas  from those in the know on the other side of the pond would certainly suggest so.

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