Personal to the very core but also all encompassing and inclusive, the debut album from Tom Price Stephens is one that reveals his charming talent at bringing you into his experiences and making them yours. Gentle and warming vocals that suggest something of a life being lived,  played over guitar work from a man with a natural instinct for song writing and song playing, this collection of five songs is immediate and intricate.
Recorded in one ticket in an old chapel lit by candlelight there is a sense of fresh warmth that has made its way into the recordings, making them sound whole and professional without losing any of the raw live authenticity.
Full of emotion but not at all wishy washy, the songs derive from life…fun nights out, a la Modern Romance, wry smiles, impossible crushes from afar, told on Peter Pan Shoes, cheeky comments, family ties such as in the charming and smile inducing Dear Sisters, gritty yearnings and shattered hearts on Broken, forever friendships, cheering optimism as Life Is Good, lost loves, and of course the girl who finds her way Between The Lines of many of the songs.
Produced by Caitlin Kinsella, all copies of the EP are put together by Tom himself, signed and numbered, a unique addition to the musical collection.
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