It might be considered to be something of a sweeping stereotype to say that the Scots as a whole are not the biggest fans of our esteemed Prime Minister, but to be honest, other than allowing for a witty album title, that doesn’t really matter. On this compilation of some of the brightest talent coming out of the country, sixteen bands have taken their frustration, issues and yes, even vitriol, and pummelled it into a vibrant collection of tunes. 
Most of the bands are pretty unknown, with only a handful of tracks online and their presence being more felt around the streets and studios of the Scottish music scene.
Most of the bands are friends and a lot of musicians feature on several of the album’s tracks, one of the reasons why Song By Toad Records put the compliation together. Label owner Matthew Young explains ‘it feels like there’s this pool of really talented musicians bubbling away and all sorts of excellent music is starting to emerge from the mix. Bands are forming, breaking up and starting again all the time. When you see a loose collection of bands connecting like this you never know what is going to happen. A few will disappear, some will do okay, some might pave the way for others, and a few of these bands could go on to do really well.’
The energy and atmosphere on this album is palpable, with oozes of cynicism and rage tinted resignation mixing with jangling abandon and belligerent potency. A snapshot of a scene brewing with ambition and enchantment, David Cameron’s Eton Mess is crammed full of anthems – some of which may last longer than the man himself.

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