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Velcro Hooks – Gymnophoria EP

Released November 19th 2012 on Howling Owl Records
A seven track EP is pretty generous in this day and age, what with times being hard and all that. In Gymnophoria EP, whilst lasting through 22 minutes of ferocious frenetic music, Velcro Hooks have inspired a ray of hope that spirited indie rock did not collapse with Pete and Carl’s friendship. Jenner Blank’s chaotic colloquial delivery, semi speaking semi singing, is engaging, and abrupt endings and sharp turns on songs such as A Love For Song For TS Eliot a sign that where content is concerned, this band are only delivering the powerful and punchy stuff that really matters. There are simple rhyming schemes overlaid over frantic riffs that grab the throat and get the juices flowing (Wasabi Colonel’s, ‘nitty gritty, things are pretty shitty’) weird and wonderful spoken word (The Prerogative of Daniel Porter) , and gritty choking rumbles on Grandpa No. A highlight is the excellent Girlfren, an unconcerned eulogy to a dying relationship, its lyrics off ‘it’s been a long time coming with you, and I’m bored of coming with you’ so nonchalantly delivered that there is no difficulty in imagining Jenner flicking off a girl as he puffs his cigarette. This four piece are angry, hungry, and subsequently purely pulsating. One of the most invigorating sounds of 2012, they come from Bristol, although it’s not yet clear if waves of bands will follow them. Even if there isn’t another B-Town swarm, Velcro Hooks have proved that the town is buzzy enough.
Listen to Girlfren here.
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