Out on November 11th

You might think that the idea of taking a new approach to British guitar pop is laughable – it’s all been done, or at least bands appear to think so, given the rate at which it is rehashed  (Viva Brother, anyone?). Stoke Newington based Victor Talking Machine seem to have done the unthinkable, and creating some good straight forward guitar sounds that feel at once familiar and fresh. Produced by Marc Waterman, who dabbled in work with Elastica and Ash, there is a clear Britpop influence pervading, but it is far from a throw back. Only a brief three tracks, but what a trio they are. Opener Had Enough has a luscious pop melody, all soft and flexing, it’s folk like opening chords somewhat deceiving of the joy that lies within. On Muggy Jane the fuzzy vocals from Stephen Smith are almost reminiscent of Dave Grohl, and it is the bussing outro of Penny Arcade that renders the band a rock, not pop, outfit. Full of rolling melodies and rhythmic chords, the EP was recorded live, and is a good taster if you are catching them on the NME Radar tour next year.

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