Joseph’s Well
Sat 2nd May, 3pm
Live At Leeds is packed with great bands, but one of the highlights is surely going to be 3pm at Josephs Well when Wild Beasts take to the stage.
I was lucky enough to be at the Brudenell Social Club on the 11th March for their amazing set, and I think their afternoon tea slot this weekend will offer much the same. Wild Beasts are full of melodic indie pop songs.
Some bands find it difficult to translate their sound from record to stage, but lead singer Hayden Thorpe hits everyone of those impossibly high notes perfectly.
This four piece are different from most other bands coming out of Leeds at the moment, and indeed anywhere else in the country (although three of them are from Kendal before they moved to Leeds – perhaps Kendal is the hotbed for perfect indie pop as well as perfect mint cake?), and they excel at what they do.
They may be a ‘Marmite’ type band and not to everyone‟s taste, but for me that says it all – I love Marmite.

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