Good music does not have to conform to boundaries, as Mark and Emma of Witching Waves know. Switching up instruments and swapping roles throughout their punky and poppy tunes, the pulsating beats and agitated bass lines of their output reveals a deep rooted talent and a passion for vibrancy. Things are a bit more upbeat and a little less despondent in style than their last band Weird Menace, and the brash stampede of powerful melodies shoots to the limbs and the heart in a way that can’t help but ignite a twitch and a flail. Tumultuous and tender, theirs is a fluid and changing approach to making music, all based upon what thrills them at the time. The shaky shots of video Better Run below reflects their DIY sensibility beautifully, as did the ‘cassingle’ released last year on Soft Power. Could 2015 be their year?

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