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World Happiness Day – what rocks my world

I love to explore, and think that the world is an amazing place filled with stimulating sights and experiences. Whether it’s sailing slowly along a , navigating an underwater world, or racing fast out of an , there’s so much to do and see. I’ve stayed in some amazing places and seen ways of life that have really inspired me, whether they be green living or passion fuelled and relaxed in a place that feels like home.
Curling up or stretching out with a good book is one of the most wonderful things in life. I’ve always found libraries a relaxing and calming place to be, and a safe haven in times of anxiety. I’m thrilled to learn just how reading is for you, and that there’s even therapy from books.
It’s hard to switch off, and I still have trouble twisting and stretching, but when I do yoga I feel a bit more connected to my body and am able to apply its principles to the rest of life. Plus it’s super fun!
Tired of London? Never. The most exhilarating, glittering, busy, gorgeous city filled with art, events, architecture, music, , sights and sounds.
It gives me tingles, makes my soul sing, expresses how I feel, gets me dancing, surges through my veins, shouts from my heart, and sounds bloody brilliant.
Friends and Family
People in my life are great.

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