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Whilst some of us are wondering how on earth it is mid way through 2014 already, New York’s Wyldlife are back in 1979, unwrapping their newly purchased The Buzzcocks records and wondering when The Clash might make it over the pond. Before slicking back their hair, downing some beers, chucking on a leather jacket shredding up their six strings and having a party on the Lower East. From debut The Nicotine EP to their first full length The Time Has Come To Rock’n’Roll the band have not hidden their passion for making sweaty, scuzzy, irreverant music, and having a damn good time, fearless and thrusting as they do so. Opening track The Right from TTHCTRR kicks off with the definite and defiant statement that ‘at 10pm it’s time to party,’ not fooling anyone that Wyldlife ever stopped their rampage and reverie. Loose morals, tight chords, rocking melodies and brash attitude. Roll on the seventies.

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