PR is about building your brand, boosting your reputation, and becoming someone that people remember. Good PR is strategic, focused, and resonates with your ideal client or audience. We’ve worked on international campaigns and with small start ups. But the process is always the same.

We understand what your message is and who your key audience is. And then we connect the dots, using media relations, content, interviews and awareness campaigns.

Good public relations, whether you’re working with a freelance PR or a PR agency, should be focused on your end goal. That’s not being in twenty magazines, but being in the right magazines, websites, newspapers or blogs where your end audience are, with a message that they will be receptive to. It’s about raising your profile in an effective way.

From charity PR to literature PR, event PR to business PR, we’ve done it all. And succeeded.

• Francesca was Head of PR at the National Academy for Social Prescribing, telling stories of the transformational work being done by the NHS and other health and wellbeing partners. The One Show, Telegraph and The Guardian are big advocates, and we’ve had some great regional press. A lot of this is about crafting compelling stories from some pretty complex information.

• Francesca is co-Head of Communications for Heritage Open Days, a festival run by The National Trust, and works across national media, helping share the stories of the people, places and spaces involved in the festival. We achieved 300 pieces of coverage in a pandemic year, and the position also saw her having to take on social media when the team was furloughed - and achieve record engagement.

• Francesca looked after PR for ShelterBox and in her first week got the full spectrum of TV, radio, print and online for a supporter story.

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