cheatahsSunne,the new EP from Cheatahs, is quite a triumph. Four tracks of exquisite craft, stitched intuitively together like the glow of twilight. There’s a blissed out feeling to proceedings, a hazy ambience that nonetheless chugs along with fever and tenacity. Thick clouds of fuzzing guitars are the cloth onto which soaring melodies are sewn, the whirrs of guitar chiming bright over bittersweet and distorted chords. Nathan Hewitt’s vocals are graceful but unswerving, and swirling molten instrumentals power onwards when the hooky choruses abate. Sunne is dreamlike reverie of blazing fearlessness, whilst Controller evolves and explores with pregnant complexity. James Wignall’s guitar playing is as incendiary as ever, underpinned by Marc Raue’s drumming and the deep bass tones from Dean Reid, which really come alive on the furious Campus. Worn tape and looping clicks add to the misty blur of proceedings, the texture of the record very much one of authenticity and energy, and this sketchiness is most evident on final and most punk track No Drones.  The first release since their self titled debut album from the beginning of last year, Sunne shows Cheatahs as a band with a ton of potential, blazing out far brighter than they may have ever imagined during their early days in a Camberwell pub.

The EP is released on 23rd February via Wichita Recordings, with an accompanying EP Release party on 24th February at Power Lunches, Dalston.

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