Jakub Tencl is a clinical hypnotherapist and healer, and his new book The Mystery of Life is his story of how he came to realise his own spiritual journey. He explains ‘The Mystery of Life is a picture of everything that happened in my life to help me find this
method of self-acceptance.’
This is someone’s story of someone’s life and that’s not something that can be reviewed or given a star rating. Whilst certain elements of the book I can not connect with, such as the description of his birth ‘I got in mum’s belly’ there are certainly lessons to appreciate and learn from it. Here are my top five.
‘There are no coincidences.’ 
People come into our lives, things happen, and experiences are felt all for a reason. Trusting in the unfolding paths of our lives will allow us to embrace the significance and value of the process.
‘Lovefullnes will convince you to see a new view of the world.’
Coming to life through a gaze of love will revolutionise everything. When we have a more tender and compassionate view of the world and everything in it, we can appreciate its qualities.
‘Being in the moment of now is not the decision, nor of intellectual understanding, but is mainly the feeling in your heart.’
Mindfulness and meditation has become trendy and intellectualized, but it’s not something that can be scientifically understood – instead it is a tuning in of the heart and body.
‘We are the creators of our world.’
Everything in life is interpreted by us, and that interpretation is what dictates the overall experience and meaning.
‘Your mind will be wider in its own potential.’
We all are blessed with infinite power, and by allowing that power to be, by not playing small, great things can happen – if we let them.

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