Just when you think London has reached ‘peak immersive experience’ another comes along. The Gunpowder Plot Immersive isn’t all about a rowdy night out and boozing (although strategically placed bars are available) but instead takes you on a journey back through Guy Fawkes and one of history’s most daring conspiracies. Persecuted for your beliefs, in the Tower of London for your religion, and then someone breaks you free. It’s a giddy journey that through live acting, VR headsets, audio visual displays and more takes you on an intense 90 minutes through an exciting period of history.

Highlights include being rowed across the Thames and denying your identity and being winched to safety overrooftops from the White Tower and suspending in the air. The team of twenty live actors are fantastic, challenging and in your face as the story demands. The final scene is frantic, intense, and scary as we’re locked in a cage and the future of London hinges on our decision.

More than just showing you videos, it makes you think – what would you do? Betray the plotters or save the crown? Deny your religion and save your life? Taking place in Tower Vaults, The Gunpowder Plot is the latest immersive experience from the award winning Layered Reality.

Tickets are on general sale now at www.gunpowderimmersive.com

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