Waiting For Winter Love Your Roots Are Showing

Francesca Baker
Having spent three years up in the north east, I don’t really understand Newcastle’s ‘Waiting For Winter’s name – if you ask me, its always ruddy freezing, Winter, Summer, whatever. 
Thankfully, I’m far more enamoured by new single ‘Love Your Roots Are Showing’ than I am by the climate up there. A freentic drum beat introduces direct guitar work that induces shoulder swaggering and meaningful nods of the old school kind. Rootsy bass underpins the broody direct vocals, driving the unhinged ferocity that show emotion that goes far beyond domestic banalities like a lady’s hair colour and Matt’s ‘slowly crawling back’ scratches the back of the listeners throat, before a scuzzy spitting crescendo. Pub rock of the absolute best kind, ‘Love Your Roots Are Showing’ seems to came in its own haze of cigarette smoke – looking forward to my next fix.

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